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When I go into the local branch of the bank to pay in a cheque or draw money out, I am aware that the bank has a structure and organisation that ensures cash on demand and a clearing system for cheques.  When I pull into a tyre bay to change a tyre, I am aware that there is a structure and organisation involving manufacture, distribution and the training of fitters.   But in neither case do I have to delve behind the scenes.

I suspect that for the average worshiper on a Sunday in any one of our Churches they might be aware that we do have both structure and organisation but that it is an area that they do not need to understand before they join in our Services.   The fact that you are reading this is indicative that you do know about our Methodist way of doing things.  The Preaching Plan is an important document in so many ways.  Why there are even people who collect Plans as a hobby!

Behind the Plan is the Circuit.  Since very close to Day One in Methodist organisation and structure, the Circuit has been the very basis of the way we do things.  Ministers are, first and foremost, Circuit Ministers. Our Worship and our Church governance is arranged around the Circuit.  Circuit Local Preachers, again a very early initiative, play an essential part in the whole life of our Church.   Not just in passing, I am glad to pay tribute to the work, commitment and devotion of the group of Preachers and Worship Leaders who Sunday by Sunday pray and prepare to lead a significant proportion of the Services in the Churches of our Circuit.  Thank you too to the many other people who, by their energy and dedication, maintain the work and life of our Circuit. 

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I have been privileged over a three-year period now to share the leadership of the Salisbury Circuit with the team of Circuit Stewards.   Unreservedly I am glad to express my thanks and appreciation to Mark, Ian, Jackie, Nigel and Bob for their colleagueship and support, their energy and commitment.

I do so in my own name but also on behalf of the whole Circuit.



Rev. Bryan Coates

Preaching Plan

Summer 2016


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Welcome for Rev Paul Rees

Induction Service for Rev Paul Rees and Rev David Hookins as Superintendent Minister

Thursday 25th August - 7.30 pm at Amesbury Methodist

Preacher: Rev Canon Dr Andrew Wood

Circuit Autumn Musical

"Jail Break" by Roger Jones

Saturday 10th September 7:30pm

at Salisbury Methodist Church

Jail Break Logo

Come and take part.

Sing Through: Tuesday 30th August 7:30


Tuesday 6th September 2:00pm and 7:30pm

Wednesday 7th September 2:00pm and 7:30pm

Friday 9th September 2:00pm and 7:30pm

Saturday 10th September 3:00pm

For more information and to register an interest:

Please email Rev. Steve Hawkes

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Rev. John Scrivens

We have been saddened that John was seriously injured in March and we continue to pray for his contunued recovery, recognising that it will be slow and long.

John's invitation to the Circuit expires at the end of August and he was making plans to move to Alton as minister there.

The Methodist Connection has however , given John leave of absence for rercovery and recuperation. John and Karen will therefore remain in Fordingbridge for the foreseeable future.

We wish John a good recovery as he receives specialist therapy at Glenside, South Newton. Visiting is still restricted to family only.

Wanted more Clothes!

Clothing Exchange Poster

Bemerton Methodist Church have launched the "Children's Clothing Exchange". It operates each Friday during term time from 9.30am to 11.30am with refreshments being served in the Church Lounge (with toys for young ones to play with, whilst Mum/Dad have a cuppa).

Clothes will be set out in the church and the idea is that parents can come along and look through the children's clothes that we have available and select what they would like totally free of charge. If they have clothes that their little ones have grown out of, we would be pleased to take these and launder them so that they can be added to the clothing exchange. However it is a free service and therefore taking clothes is possible regardless of whether clothes are brought in.

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