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A Pastoral Letter for Lent and Easter

Dear Sisters and Brothers.

Our society has been described as a post-truth society. In this society emotions and personal beliefs are more important than objective facts. The success of people such as Donald Trump is a sign of this society. He appeals to his supporters because he reinforces their beliefs, for many that the 'system' has failed them, and that everything that does not agree with his worldview is 'fake news'. He claims to be alongside those who have been marginalized, mainly white blue-collar men, despite being one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world. He can do this by appealing to their emotions and affirming their personal beliefs, even if these are not true. He is a glaring example but these trends are all around us.

As Christians we would challenge this view but still affirm the importance of emotions and beliefs. We would state that there is ultimate truth that undergirds all that is and challenge those who offer their views as truth.

In our attempt to engage with this deep truth we seek to excise the falsehoods in our own lives. So the period of Lent is a time for self-examination and reflection. Where we ask ourselves such questions as, do I reflect the image of God within me? How does my life demonstrate the faith I have? Are there aspects of my life I ought to change?

These things are never easy and Holy Week and Easter reveals to us the Christ who leads the way. The way which takes us through suffering and death in order to gain resurrection life. This life is the life as God would have us live, and produces the person God wants us to be. This is no cheap fix, either for God in Christ who walks this way before us and suffered on our behalf, nor for us, if we are to take his call to 'follow me' seriously and seek to be continually transformed by grace.

If Holy Week and Easter are about anything they are about passing through suffering to find new life. To gain new life we need to accept (suffer) death. To move from where we are we must be willing to die to what we have been, how we have behaved, what we have done, and move forward trusting that our loss will lead to new life. If we cling onto how things have been we will never discover what new life is like. This is the message of Easter.

Your brother in Christ,


Rev. David Hookins

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Circuit Service

Sunday 29th April - 6.00 pm at Bemerton

Seek Peace and Pursue it (Psalm 34:14)

Dedication service for our Easter Offerings

This service is planned by Methodist Women in Britain and features stories from Mission Partners in Sri Lanka, Japan and Israel/Palestine supported by the World Mission Fund.

Sunday 20th May - 3.00 pm at Salisbury Methodist Church

On the day when we celebrate both Pentecost and Aldersgate Sunday we shall be led in worship by our Local Preachers and Worship Leaders.

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Café on the Green - Bishopdown Farm

Community coffee shop on Tuesday afternoons 2.30 - 4.00 and Friday mornings (except during August)09:00 - 11:00 in the Pavillion at Bishopdown Farm. All are very welcome to come and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and have a drink and cake.

Tuesday - Mother and Toddler group from 1.30pm - 2.30pm before the Cafe opens.

Fridays - January to March - Friendship Group - Open friendly adults group to chat, read newspapers, community book swap, great tea / coffee (£1) and cake (50p) to help us cover costs.

You are welcome to join in adult crafting sessions on the first and third Tuesday of the month from 2.30pm

This project has been set up by the Circuit as a Christian outreach presence in this growing community. The local Anglican churches are also holding a prayer meeting at the same site on Friday evenings and we hope to be able to develop these activities to provide a positive Christian witness in that area.

More volunteers to join the rota of supporters will be appreciated.

Maybe you can help with serving drinks and cakes, making drinks in the kitchen, providing home-made cakes, talking to people as they sit at tables or visit the reflection room - or join the prayer chain.

If you can help in anyway please speak with Christine Fordham or contact us by clicking here. Or, of course, come along on a Tuesday afternoon or Friday morning to see for yourself and enjoy what is on offer.

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