God in Love Unites us

Dear Friends in Christ,

I am writing to invite you to a meeting at which we, as the Salisbury Circuit, shall discuss the ConferenceReport ‘God In Love Unites Us’.

We had hoped and, initially planned, to hold an actual meeting. Inevitably, with the advent of the Coronavirus and all its implications and restrictions that meeting was postponed. With no immediate prospect of the possibility of a meeting in person, and with the approach of a critical deadline for our responses, we need to arrange a zoom meeting.  This will be on Saturday 20th February from 10.30am London Time.

The God In Love Unites Us Report is a very detailed and thorough examination of the Church’s understanding of some aspects of our common humanity –in particular our relationships, our sexuality and our position on co-habiting and marriage. It is a far broader report than just the question of same sex marriage –although, that is the topic that has attracted most attention and discussion.

Our Circuit Administrator –Claire Rankine, will act as host for the zoom meeting. Please book your place by clicking here, you will be taken to the Eventbrite website where you will be able to book a ticket for the call, these are free and will give you all the details you need for the 20th. Ideally people will have read the Report itself(see below). Underlying the Report and our position is the complex question of our approach to Scripture –its authority and interpretation. Anna has prepared a paper on this to assist our preparation, together with a video which you may find helpful. Steve has also edited a filmed debate which took place in our District. Please see a link to 2 videos sharing the two opposite points of view. Please take time for your own preparation.

After the Meeting, I will prepare a summary of the opinions expressed. This Report will go to a special meeting of our District Synod as part of the whole picture of gleaning information from the whole Connexion in readiness for the Meeting of the Methodist Conference later this year. It is a Circuit Meeting –open to everyone, and I really hope that people will feel that they are welcome and that their views and opinions will be listened to with courtesy.


Bryan Coates

Acting Superintendent

The God In Love Unites Us Report can be found online at:  https://www.methodist.org.uk/media/12606/3240-10-amended-marriage-and-relationships-report.pdf

We have some hard copies of the Report, which we can post to you. Please contact Bryan.
Anna’s paper on “A Light unto my path and a lamp unto my feet” a report about approaches to Scriptural Authority which can be found here.

And the video link about ‘Living with contradictory convictions’ –https://vimeo.com/356672378

The links to the filmed debate that Steve has prepared –
Video 1 –https://youtu.be/ZiVxPV7c-SQ
Video 2 –https://youtu.be/1lr5mMNJ7Ck