Amesbury Methodist Church

We are a Church of Diversity! We are proud that our Church family is made of people of all ages, from a multicultural mix of nationalities and from all walks of life. We enjoy traditional worship as well as exploring new ways of expressing our faith. We enjoy singing the old, well known hymns and learning new songs of praise. We are family friendly with an in-church play area for the little ones and an active Junior Church.  

A Service will be held on Easter Sunday,  4th April 2021, at 10.30 a.m. at Amesbury Methodist Church.  Places will of course be limited due to Covid Restrictions.  If you would like to attend, please contact Linda Turner in advance on 01980 622547 and she will allocate you a seat.

The Gift

There was a reason He chose Your lowly birth
When He gifted us Your time, the time You spent on earth.
In simple ways we try to find a Christ-like way to be.
We read Your Word and study to learn much more of Thee.

We pray for Your world’s family, for water, food and a safe home.
May Your people find a resting place, no refugees to roam.
Turn refugees to pilgrims, from war and horror to rise.
Help them to find Your holy way, with Jesus as a prize.

Lord, we know You understand our stumbling words of prayer
When we came to know You for ourselves with a joy beyond compare.
We feel that You are listening, as we know You are so near.
For us, this is such a special time, the time we come to share.

Your loving grace is all around, as on Your path we tread.
On Father, Son and Holy Spirit our wayward souls are fed.
Your Son, He gave His life for us, in death we see no dread
For we know we are on the journey where the Trinity have led.

Linda Turner, written for Trinity Sunday, 16th Feb 2015
Worship Leader, Amesbury Methodist Church