Pitton – St. Peter’s

St. Peter’s Church is the home of the Methodist society in Pitton.

On 10 May 2008,  a Declaration of Ecumenical Welcome was signed formalising the use of St. Peter’s by the Methodist church.

For more information please see the St. Peter’s website here

Minister Revd. Bryan Coates

Regular Events

Prayer Group

Every Tuesday at St.Peter’s from 9.15a.m to 9.45a.m. for informal prayers. All are welcome.

Tuesday Group

The Tuesday Group meets on alternate Tuesdays at 10.15a.m. in the comfort of somebody’s home!

There are two sessions before Lent – Jan 23rd and Feb. 6th.

Our Lent course is planned to start on Feb.20th and will be weekly. Details to follow.

For information on venue and details about the study sessions, please contact Joan Lodge at joan@cliffandjoan.co.uk


Junior Church (primary school age and younger!) meet on the first Sunday of each month, except August. 11.00a.m. at St. Peter’s

Youth Group – school years 7 – 9

Meet on first Sunday of the month (pm)at Stockbottom Farm. For details contact sarabossom@aol.com