From Revd. David Hookins

Revd. David Hookins

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Our next plan covers Lent and Easter. The Circuit Ministers are hoping to lead various Lent courses and I encourage you to engage with these or some other spiritual commitment as part of your Lenten discipline.

Thanks to our local preachers and supernumerary ministers whose generosity has enabled us to fill the plan. In the light of the dedication of our preachers I continue to encourage church stewards to contact preachers well in advance with all the information they may require, such as which hymn books you use, whether any children are expected, and any other peculiarities of your congregation. This is nothing other than common courtesy but even this is not routinely offered by all our churches, to my disappointment.

As you will see we continue to plan Local Arrangement services for all churches. In order to give confidence to the leaders please arrange for the plans for these services to be reviewed by qualified worship leaders, local preachers or ministers, for comment.

The Rev’d Cecil King will be leading a six week course for Worship Leaders, this would also be suitable for those who might lead Local Arrangements but do not wish to be appointed as Worship Leaders. A reminder that those who wish to become Worship Leaders need to be appointed by their local Church Council on the recommendation of the Local Preacher’s Meeting, this appointment is reviewed every three years.

We are also hoping to arrange a training day for those involved in Local Arrangements which will be led by The Rev’d Dr Philip Luscombe, details will follow in due course.

The Local Preachers’ Meeting agreed to use this year’s Bible Month material based on Colossians during June. There will be a District training event on 23rd March at Salisbury Methodist Church from 10.00 a.m. – 3.30 p.m. led by the Learning Network. If you are likely to preach during June, or are simply interested, please book via the Southampton District Website at

May you be blessed by God during this Lent and Easter.

Your brother in Christ,