A History of Amesbury Methodist Chapel

John Wesley preached in Amesbury during 1779 and again in 1785.

The original Chapel was built in 1816 behind a Temperance Hotel and a bakery.

In 1864 the congregation was described as ‘very active’ and a schoolroom was added, however sadly both were burned down during a fire started in the bakery in 1899.

The people of Amesbury formed a chain with buckets of water – amongst them Louise Buckland, a member of this church – to try to put out the fire whilst waiting for a horse drawn fire appliance to come out from Salisbury.

The present Chapel was built in 1900 and the middle schoolroom was added in 1931.

During the War the Chapel was well attended by the troops from various camps around us, and was affectionately known as ‘the little Chapel on the Plain’ and the old kitchen was then added as a canteen.

On Sunday evening service they would meet in the schoolroom for Family Circle and would enjoy singing their favourite Hymns. This continued right on while National Service was in place. We now still have families who are serving in the British Forces who come with their families, lots of whom have had their children baptised.

In 1961 the Rear Hall was added – the year of the Centenary of this current building – followed in 1991 by the Quiet Room, new kitchen and toilets.

In 2000 the Sanctuary and front of the Chapel were refurbished as it stands to this day. More recently in 2022/23 the toilets were refurbished.